04 January 2011

Blood is thicker than Sambar! (NON-STOP-NONSENSE)

Onset of the Gregorian new year 2011. This year's targets:
1. I'm planning to dress-up Dabangg style. I can't guarantee about the 6 pack. But can guarantee 6-;layered-tetra-pack (me covered up all over during the cold season here)
2. Since I can boil water, I shall try to boil something else (other than somebody's temperment) edible.
3. I better learn cooking soon. That reminds me:
Father's-In-Law definition: One who cooks is called a cooker!
This is quite confusing, what do you call one who stiches hooks?
4. My motorbike is 15 years old, half as old as me. I need to get a RTO recertification. What about me?
5. I need to familiar myself with debiting & crediting in accounting gernals (read 'journals'), however, I'm familiar & contempted with advance accounting & financial stuff. There, no foundation at all! Does it mean its a Castle in Air? What about Dungeons & Dragons? Knights of the Templar? Robin-Hood?
6. Explain to this seemingly innocent welt (world), the differences between 'Paradox', 'Irony' & what else was it? Damn, I'm getting older. Refer above point 4.
7. See all "Farah Khan" directed movies, they are indeed colour-FOOL!

Question of the day:
An attachment to a car is called a "Trailer", so it follows. The preview is a "Trailer", and the movie follows! Why this contradiction?

Keep rocking,
PS: In case you understand what this blog entry is about, please let me know! Else, you might find similar one in 2012?

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