05 January 2011

From the Archives: From your favourite correspondent

Kind attentionS:
UASCS '97 pass-outs & boot-legs,

Over 35 acquaintances of ourclass attended, although didn't recognize a few due to resemblance to Green-creatures?

I was greeted by a burly, tall man with hefty-shoulders at the entrance. Nopes it wasn't the Great Khali, but it was our "Great"-Yessi. He did manage to scare a few people? One big anamoly was that he was wearing 2 tee-shirts, 3 formal shirts & an over-coat in summer!

There were 2 bamboo sticks roaming around. One with a moustache (Ganapathy) & the other with Glasses (TG) who did claim that he was the CEO of "Mental Outside"!

Ajay, the Maradona of our class got beaten Black & Blue in a boxing fight against a 5 year old. Now he's turning into Pink & White. Does that make him a "Kaleidescope"?

Siva Prasad a.k.a Mr.Viands was gifted a watch (Not Sunday-Bazaar's China-Maal). He liked it so muIch that he SWALLOWED it. Now you know what makes him tick!

Before I forget, also in the gang was Jungle-Boy "Mowglee" who did resemble Ishant Sharma. The last person to come in was "Chocolate-Hero", Implication: He's getting married next? JK.

On a serious note (which is a hostile emotion for me),
I'm very happy since I met a lot of people, my school buddies, their spouses. And a beeg THANK YOU since you all did miss out on your usual "Saas-Bahu" soaps for this objective.

Keep rocking,
THE Byes

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