26 January 2011

Keep crushing?

MNP has arrived. Not Mobile Number Portability, but MN Prabhakar! Arrived at Bangalore that is....

I'm not giving out all the details like names, venues etc, as one of them threatened with suicide! Hey, I've divulged my name. So is it Self-suicide (if there is such a term?)

Well here goes, I got a call from few of my friends that there is going to be a Birthday party in the evening. I get there to find out:
1. There is no Birthday boy?
2. There is no Birthday cake?
3. I have to pay for what I eat? No OC (Other's Cost I say)
4. I have to tell who my crush was?

The discussions at the "special-birthday-bash" were varied from using dettol for an after-shave, Newton's light scattering experiment etc, etc.. I wonder what Newton used after his shave? However I know what Darwin used: Nothing, Ref: He had a long beard! And hey, we also spoke about crushes! One of the member has Multiple-crush-disorder.

MANTRA: If someone else goes out with your crush, its a curse!

On the return trip, I was sitting with a U-19 Cricket team. One lesson I learnt: Never share your toothpaste-tube with a Team Member. I got back an almost empty one. Now that's what I call TEAMWORK?

Before I forget:
2010: Year of Recuperation
2011: Year of Reclaimation
2012: Year of Ressurection
2013: Year of Revelation
2014: Year of Revolution
2015: Year of RECESSION (Again? Lets see...)

Keep rocking,
PS: Are you game?

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