08 September 2012

46 years of Star Trek & what it means to me!

I started  watching Star Trek in the 1990s (TNG). I used to always wait for Captain Picard to deliver his final dialogue (moral of the episode). I also tuned into TOS which
 was aired later. And, whenever chance permitted, I used catch up with any movies that were running on TV.

Later I graduated to reading ST novels. My first one was "Dragon's
Honour" and I haven't stopped ever since. "Metamorphosis", "The
Undiscovered Country", "Devil's Heart", "Sarek", "Imzadi",
"Vendetta", "Dreadnought" and "Spock's World" to name a few of my

Yes I was thrilled to watch(2009) with its alternate timeline &
looking forward to its sequel. Its in 3D and is scheduled for next
year! There's lot of suspense brewing. I have an ST ceremonial
suit with a silver badge (communicator). Boy, I went through a lot of trouble explaining my requirements to the tailor and the jeweller!

What I have learnt from Star Trek:

Prime Directive:ST's Prime Directive maintains a rule that no Star Fleet officer
shall get involved into a non federation world & its issue unless explicity requested.
Value = In many cases, its better not get involved & stay non-


Star Fleet has never pursued research on cloaking spaceships as a

part of an agreement with Vulcans.
Value = Always up your promise

Tolerance:In the TNG series Chief of staff, is a Klingon. The bartender is
El-Aurian. The science officer is an android. Couselor half-
betazoid. In TOS the first officer is Vulcan.
Value = No racism (even subtlety)

Unfair:In the book "The Great Star Ship Race", Captain Kirk tells: "If
you want fair, don't run races!"
Value = Life is unfair, but do we have a choice?

Un-emote:Vulcans are trained minds & are capable of controlling emotions
(unless one has a Bendii syndrome: A rare disorder among older
vulcans to lose emotional control)
Value = In times of chaos, have a vulcan's control

Be specific:Whenever Captain Picard goes to the food synthesiser he generally
orders for "Tea Earl grey hot!"
Value = Be specific

4 more years to go for the Golden Jubilee!
Where will the grand convention be?
Would I go there?
Or would I be organizing one here?
How many more movies would be released by then?

Epilogue:Wisdom of Surak:http://www.surak.org/

"Live long & Prosper"
~Captain Satan Infernous, Enterprize 666

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