02 November 2009

From the Archives: Freedom Jam!

It is with great grief I write in this journal! I am being forced by my parents to shave off my Million dollar Goatee! Boohooo, I want my girlfriend now!

The other night had a very bad dream, Freedom Jam got cancelled, Moron died, my secretary had Diabetes, I was surrounded by 7 gays in a small room! Hmmm, Gays?

The jam was just great, not to forget the big-beeg bands that played. As I used to say, Sam of Whitenoiz has great talent! Finally Gorified played, well I was the helper.... oops, manager! While they were playing some chick, started making eye-contact with me.

Her:What is this music?(I would love to talk to you kind of expression)
Me:You like them?
She started laughing
Me:You resemble someone I know.....
Me:Not from the front, but from the behind (I made a point to stare at her arse)
Fast forward 10 minutes..... (Yeah, I know I was hard on her)
Me:Give me your number, I will call you 1000 times a day
Her:.....Here you go!

The drummer of Cranium Shatter dropped me home. What can I say, he was my pilot (polished term for driver)

Before I forget, I saw a guy wearing a bright-orange suit and tie!

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